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A little something I’ve been working with for my pieces!! It is still a very small idea but hopefully it will work its way up!! Ceramics explosion!!


I have a new admirer in studio nowadays. Clearly, she’s my quality control kitty, hence the climbing onto my wheel. 

A big YES!!



Shannon Finley


Dave, you should see it in person.. It is up in Susan Vielmetter!! You will drool more! ;)

Throwing out in the woods or among rocks!! It truly was SUPER relaxing!!

 Sorry the video is a bit long, you can totally fast forward it!! ;)


Cheryl Ann Thomas

Present times are requiring a new definition of porcelain. No earthy delicate baskets here. Instead breakable material sits in ribbons and folds, defying gravity and shaping space into new caves and fissures. These seemingly unmovable cloth like mounds are full of ridges that bend and flow. Frail and solid, the pieces are organic in their relationship to plants with material like elements (think Raffia). Each piece seems to contain something of the five elements too, born of fire with qualities of airiness, earthy hues, flowing watery shapes, and a creativity that results in unique space and shape.

This is really clay!!!!!

Went to Frank Lloyd Gallery yesterday and saw her work and pretty much didn’t believe it was clay even when they were right in front of me!!

So delicate and phewwwww!!

Real Christmas!!

Just used Elaine Coleman’s base celadon recipe. Then I thought “let’s have a glaze party!!!” So then it began. After glazing a few pieces that needed clear glaze, I started adding colorants (not too crazy). Glazed a few pieces with the first colorant I added to the base glaze. Thought about what would go good with each other? Done. Added two more colorant on top of the other one. Glazed a few more pieces!!
So now I do not know what color I would get with on those mugs, bowls, and pitchers!!
I have an idea with the first on how it might turn. It might look like the color of gold poop!! Who knows! Might be better but hey, I have myself a Christmas when I finish firing and open the kiln.
Happy 4th soon!!

Some very hairy mugs!!

Some very hairy mugs!!


An old article for Barium Carbonate substitute.. Pretty interesting!!


New Impossibly Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food by Hasan Kale





a fragment of modern ceramic history staring Captain Ceramics!! boasting build-it-your-self potters’ wheels!! selling non-denominational kiln gods!! via crafthaus

PP: oh thank you, thank you for this post!

i had to reblog this!


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